We appreciate your choosing Handyman Network.
At Handyman Network we understand how important your home, your family, and your time are. Our goal is to earn your trust by showing up on time, delivering quality and value, and being your dependable source for all of your home repair and improvement needs.

Unlike other handyman “companies” who exclusively use subcontractors – we confidently stand behind every handyman and every job we do. Here is a list of 8 exclusive guarantees that you’ll find only at Handyman Network.


Easy and simple, we are on-time or you deduct $25 from the cost of your project.

We respect your time and your busy lifestyle. We know you have better things to do than to wait around all day for a workman to show up.

You also don’t have the time to go searching to find or talk with your home improvement provider if you have a question, problem or concern. Unlike trying to work with a “regular” handyman, when you call Handyman Network you’ll speak to one of our full-time client support staff, not an answering machine, voice mail, cell phone, or pager. Most of our offices are open Monday to Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm and Saturdays 8:00am – 2:00pm for your convenience.

A word from the CEO:
“Nothing annoys me more than having to wait. I know and appreciate that most of our clients have busy lives and the last thing they need is to sit around all day waiting for someone to show up. From my discussion with our clients, people are looking for a company that can give them a set appointment and arrive when they say they will. It sounds simple enough, but not always easy to do. Nonetheless, at Handyman Network we put ourselves on the line (instead of our clients) and created an on-time guarantee for the benefit of our clients. If we’re not there when we say we are going to be, it costs you money. So if we’re late, we pay the penalty.”


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You get a complete project evaluation with a written solution and a guaranteed price in writing – NOT just an estimate.

Our handyman will arrive at your home or business in uniform and on-time. He will do a complete project evaluation and present you with a written solution and a guaranteed price in writing – NOT just an estimate.

Many companies will charge you a trip charge for coming to your home, plus an hourly rate per hour of working time. Beware! If you have a masterfully-skilled handyman – then you can feel confident that hourly is fair. But the truth of it is that everyone works at a different pace. The more experience and confidence – the higher the skill level – the more accurate the time. However, the less experience and confidence, the longer the job will take and this will mean a higher cost to you. How can you know the difference? It’s likely you won’t ? unless the person just does an obviously poor job.

This doesn’t even take into account the “personality factor.” Keep the kids and pets away; you don’t want them to distract the handyman! Say the handyman is a really nice guy that likes to talk (this is a good thing), always remember the clock is ticking with your wallet underwriting every minute.

A word from the President:
“While it may seem like you are getting a good deal by hiring a handyman that charges you a ridiculously low rate by the hour, I never thought that charging a client by the hour was fair. There is too much room for cheating the consumer.”

“Typically the lower the cost per hour, the lower the skill level, which could mean the project will take longer than it should. For that reason, at Handyman Network, before we start any project you will receive a written proposal detailing exactly what we are going to do, and a guaranteed price for that service. No surprises, no dragging out the job, just a fair price for the service needed.”

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No one will be allowed in your home that wouldn’t be allowed in ours, period.

We have developed and refined a comprehensive 11-step process called The Professional Handyman Solution?, which helps us to recruit the best servicemen in our areas of service. Every one of our handymen has been prescreened and subjected to extensive background checks. Before working for any of our clients on their own, all of our handymen must complete our in-house training program through Handyman University?.

Unlike taking the chance by hiring an unknown, unlicensed and uninsured handyman, with Handyman Network you can be certain that we will only send a qualified, professional and reliable workman to your home. Our handyman will arrive at your home in a uniform and security badge so you’ll know it’s safe to open the door.

To learn more about our handymen click here.

A word from the President:
“As the father of 3 small children, I am very particular and careful about who walks into my home. From the beginning, our litmus test for hiring was always asking the question ‘would I allow this person in my house?’. Today, our handyman selection process helps us hire only the best professionals from the markets we service.”

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Your job is done right or it’s free

You shouldn’t have to take any chances with your home improvement provider, EVEN US. Nothing is more important to every local Handyman Network owner than your complete and total satisfaction with every home repair or improvement we do for you. So every job comes with an ironclad, 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. What does this mean? Simply this: You have the personal guarantee of the local owner that if you aren’t happy with the work, we’ll redo any item for FREE. And if we can’t make it right, you can deduct that portion of the project from your bill. NO hassles! NO arguments! NO hard feelings!

A word from the CEO:
“We don’t want your money if you aren’t satisfied. We take this very seriously. Since the beginning, in most cases, we didn’t collect any money from our clients until the job was completed to their satisfaction.”

“Today, we’ve raised the bar. Every one of our local owners guarantees that the job will be done right or it’s FREE. Our relationship with our clients and our reputation in the community is much more important than fighting over money.”

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We leave your home clean or you deduct $25 from the cost of your project.

We respect your home. Nothing is more aggravating than to have a bigger mess after your project is complete than you had before it started. So, we guarantee that your home will be left as clean (or cleaner) after we’re finished, or we’ll deduct $25 from the cost of your project.

A word from the President:
“I don’t want to have to clean up after I’ve just paid someone to work in my home. As an example, to help prevent messy problems, every time we come in and out of your home, our handyman will wear surgical shoe covers to keep your floors clean. And we take it one step further by guaranteeing that we’ll leave your home as clean as we found it or we pay you.”

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For a minimum of 1 year, and in some areas as long as 3 years from the date of completion, we will immediately correct any defects in workmanship at no additional charge to you.

You deserve to have the job done right or to have it redone.

One of the advantages of working with a handyman company, rather than just a “regular” handyman, is that someone always owns your guarantee. Regular handymen come and go, but every Handyman Network location is owned by one of your neighbors – people who take pride in delivering good service and value. So your guarantee is with your local Handyman Network office, never with any individual handyman – and that gives you ‘Peace of Mind’.

A word from the CEO:
“At Handyman Network, our goal is develop a long-term relationship with our clients.”

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To protect your home and your family, Handyman Network carries liability and workers compensation insurance.

Most handymen are unlicensed and uninsured. And while they may mean well, most homeowners don’t realize that they can be a significant liability. If you hire an uninsured worker to come into your home and he/she damages your home, you will need to rely on your own homeowners’ insurance to take care of the damages. Additionally, if a person that you’ve hired to work in your home hurts themselves while in your home (working or not), you can be sued by the workman for damages!

Here are just a few things that the California State Contractors License Board says about unlicensed and uninsured “contractors”:

“Unlicensed contractors are a danger to your financial affairs because they expose you to significant financial harm in the event of injury or property damage. Few unlicensed contractors have adequate bonding or insurance.

Although an unlicensed contractor may give you a low bid, the risks of possible financial and legal consequences you may face probably outweigh any benefits a lower bid may seem to offer.

Ask the contractor if the company is insured against claims covering workers’ compensation, property damage, and personal liability, in case of accidents. Ask to see a copy of the certificate of insurance, or ask for the name of the contractor’s insurance carrier and agency to verify that the contractor has this insurance. In California, if a contractor has employees, workers’ compensation insurance coverage is required by law.

If a worker is injured working on your property and the contractor does not have insurance, you are the one who will have to pick up the bill for an injured worker’s injuries and rehabilitation, if necessary. Don’t let your insurance policy become your contractor’s liability coverage!”

This information is based on a California contractor law but would apply to most states. All of this information is readily available by calling your local State Contractors License Board.

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To help keep your home improvement costs down, we let you shop for the best possible price on your home improvement materials.

Many companies and independents will want to add the materials to your bill so they can charge a 20% to 100% markup on top of the cost of the materials. At Handyman Network, we only charge you for labor, and we let you decide whether or not you want to shop for the materials on your own or if you want us to do it for you.

If you need help picking up materials, or aren’t sure of what to get, or how much, your handyman is there to help in any way possible. Either way you get to choose the quality and price you prefer and you’ll never be charged a markup on the cost of materials.

A word from the President:
“From the beginning I only charged my clients for labor. I never thought it was fair to charge the client a markup for picking up materials. That tradition carries on today. Handyman Network will never mark up the cost of materials; you’ll always only pay the true cost!”