Handyman Network was started by a Southern California handyman. Learning the business from the ground up, he got the idea for Handyman Network while working “in the field” for over 15 years as a part-time handyman.

Over the years he realized that there was a growing need for a professional and reliable “company” that could provide homeowners with small to medium-sized home repairs and improvements.

In 1995 he left a career in real estate management to become a full-time handyman, and began servicing clients throughout Los Angeles. While servicing his clients, he began developing some of the unique methods for delivering service used by Handyman Network today.

In March of 2000, after more than a year of development, the first Handyman Network office opened in Long Beach, California.

In less than 2 years, Handyman Network had become one of the leading home improvement companies in Southern California and the US (2004 marked the third straight year that Handyman Network was recognized as one of the Top 500 remodeling contractors in the US by Qualified Remodeler magazine) employing dozens of highly-skilled handymen and servicing thousands of clients throughout Southern California.

Today, Handyman Network is a rapidly-growing national handyman franchise company with locations throughout North America. Handyman Network will enter dozens of cities over the next couple of years, with the goal of bringing professional, reliable and consistent service to a segment of the market that sorely needs it.

The handyman is a uniquely-talented individual who can be an invaluable resource for any home. Being a handyman is more than just being able to fix a problem, it?s about being there for a family as a helping hand whenever they need it.