Spring Advice

We’ve all been waiting to hear those wonderful words:  “Spring is right around the corner!”…and as you pull that jacket a little closer, you may not believe it… but it’s true!  As we look forward to warmer weather with mounting anticipation (some of us more than others), our thoughts turn to days spent outside enjoying our homes with family and friends.  Now comes the question… is your home ready?

We had to ask, because if your answer is “no”, then you’re reading the right article and you’ve come to the right place.  Grab a pen and paper and let’s take a walk outside.  (FYI – if you’re not ready to venture outside just yet, we’re going to return inside a little later.)  Now, some of the items we discuss may not be relevant to your part of the world… if not, just skip over those and read on – there’s something for everyone.  As we create our “to-do” (or “honey-do”) list, keep in mind that Handyman Network is here to help, no matter how long that list gets.


  • Let’s check the siding on your home (if you have siding)… it should be checked every six months for evidence of deterioration, including cracks, splintering, decay and insect damage.  We can clean, treat and repair it as needed.
  • Check the foundation (and basement) for cracks and moisture twice a year to catch small repairs before they become big (and expensive) ones.  Before and after winter have shown to be the best times to do this.
  • How about those gutters?  They, too, should be cleaned out, inspected and repaired twice a year (spring and fall) to prevent erosion, which can lead to foundation (or basement) damage.  You may need to install accessories to divert the water flow.
  • Weather-stripping, around all your doors and windows, should be checked and replaced (if needed) – you’ve got it – two times a year.  Replacing them will keep warm air in and cold air out in the winter and cool air in and hot air out in the summer.  And don’t forget to check the door that leads to your garage – that stripping helps reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • While you’re inspecting your weather-stripping, be sure to take a closer look at your door hinges and tracks – sliding glass door tracks may need lubrication and cleaning… hinges may need to be greased.  And while you’re at it, don’t forget the garage – hinges, rollers and tracks on your garage door may need cleaning or repairs as well.
  • Take a long look around your back yard… does it look like a retreat?  If not, do you want it to?  Of course you do… that’s what it is, isn’t it?  How about a fence… a deck… or a porch?  Sounding better already?  Close your eyes and picture yourself on your beautiful deck… surrounded by lush greenery and a picture-perfect fence.  Ahhhh!
  • If you already have a deck, we can clean and seal it to keep it in top condition.  We can paint your fence or porch to give it a crisp, clean look.
  • A lot to think about, isn’t it… well before we head back inside, let’s take a look at the paint on the exterior of your home… could it use a facelift?  Maybe just a fresh new color on the trim?  Go ahead… put it on the list.

(By the way… if you turn to check the paint on the exterior of your house and you see your Christmas lights still there – on the threshold of Spring – PLEASE call Handyman Network immediately to remove them!!!  Yes… we do that too… and really – it’s time!).


As we return to the warmth and sanctity of our home… let’s switch our minds to the interior mode… what can we take care of right now… rain or shine?  How about a remodel… kitchen or bath?  How about the basement?  What will make our friends green with envy when – a couple of months from now – they’re on a waiting list for any number of different contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters, and on and on?  You can sit back and smile at your beautiful new room, because you made one call – to Handyman Network – and got the job done – quickly, correctly and with a 3-year Peace of Mind guarantee to boot.

  • Home office looking a little crowded and disorganized?  We are masters at helping you to organize any room in the house – office, laundry room, garage – just pick your shelving and we’ll install it for you.
  • Let’s have some fun with your master bedroom!  How about a warm, new color on the walls… some new light fixtures with dimmer switches… even some cozy carpeting?  Let your mind run wild!
  • If your kitchen is a place for family to gather, like in most homes, you’ll want to make sure that it’s functional and lively.  We’ll paint the walls with vivid colors… maybe a different color on your cabinets…  or how about replacing those wooden cabinet doors with glass doors?  Finish them off with new hardware and handles… now you’re talkin’!
  • How about relaxing in a brand new bathroom?  Soaking in a wonderful new tub with all the bells and whistles?  We can paint the wall any sassy shade you choose… replace those outdated light fixtures…  have some fun with the floor… replace that vanity that was “all the rage” in the 60’s.  Are you picturing it?
  • Is that basement just a place to store boxes and junk?  Picture this… its family night and you’re all down there enjoying the new home theater you created in the basement!  Make it into an extra bedroom with bath so your mother-in-law can sleep there when she comes to visit.  Kids’ toys all over the house?  Picture it as a new playroom!
  • You know, come to think of it, right now is a great time to make some changes to one or all of your rooms with some new paint, light fixtures, cabinets… how about some new flooring?  Feeling really daring?  How about some funky new wallpaper?  Let’s spice it up together!
  • If the weather outside is frightful, why not organize your closets?  Gather up those items you want to donate, then call Handyman Network to build some shelving that will not only get you organized, but keep you that way.


Now that we’ve examined some of the fun things we can take care of right now… let’s talk safety:

  • Check that water heater!  Keep it working at its best by having a quart of water drained from it quarterly throughout the year.  We’ll do it for you and report any leaks, then help you replace it, if needed.
  • How’s that caulking around your tub and shower?  Have it checked and replaced, if needed to prevent more costly water-damage repairs later!
  • Have your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries checked and changed.  If you don’t own a carbon monoxide detector, you’ll probably want to invest in one.  We can pick it up for you (with NEVER a markup on materials) and install it for you pronto!  Protect the air your family breaths.
  • Does your heating system have a filter?  If you’ve been using it more often, we may need to check it and change it for you.  Probably once a month during winter in colder climates.
  • While we’re at your home, why not ask us to check your pipes – inside and out – for leaks?  If we find any sign of rust or lime deposits, we’d be happy to discuss replacement options with you.

This is just a sampling of things you can/should be doing around your home – right now!  And if you’re like most homeowners, your “to-do” (or “honey-do”) list is rather long right now.  As you’re reading it, you’re probably groaning, just thinking of all those wasted weekends it will take to complete everything (and we all know… “Everything” is never really complete).