Hiring the right handyman is no easy task.
At Handyman Network we live by one simple rule when deciding who gets to wear our uniform – no one will be allowed in your home that would not be allowed in ours.

How Do We Do It?
To guide us in the hiring of the right handyman to service your home, we have developed and refined a comprehensive 11-step process called The Professional Handyman Solution?. This process helps us recruit the best qualified handymen in our areas of service. Every one of our handymen has been prescreened and subjected to extensive background checks.

Our Own University
Training, presentation and experience are crucial to having work successfully completed in your home. That?s why, from day one, we created our own school for training handymen on the Handyman Network System. We call it Handyman University and before anyone is allowed to work in your home, on their own, they must complete our in-house training program. In fact, Handyman University even trains our franchise owners on delivering quality service to all of their clients.

Handyman University

Don?t Take Any Chances
Don’t take a chance by hiring an unknown, unlicensed and uninsured handyman. With Handyman Network you can be certain that we will only send a qualified, professional and reliable workman to your home. Our handyman will arrive at your home in a uniform and security badge so you?ll know it?s safe to open the door.

You’re Never Stuck With Poor Service
Our business is not an exact science. Sometimes things don?t go as planned. What makes Handyman Network different than a ?back of the trunk? handyman is that we have a fulltime support staff dedicated to making things right.